Thursday, October 13, 2005

CBS iPod Video Reports Ignore Vlogs & Video Podcasts

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The interesting thing about these two reports is that Video Blogging & Video Podcasts are completely ignored as a source of content that may drive sales of the new Video enabled iPod even though Apple lists "Video Podcasts" in the new iPod's Video menu pane:

Video Playlists
Music Videos
TV Shows
Video Podcasts
Video Settings

Steve didn't even mention there are already thousands of video podcast posts in the iTunes Podcast Directory to help sell the reason to buy a video capable iPod now rather than until movies are for sale next year which Jeffries & Company analyst Adam Benjamin posed is a reason consumers may not buy one yet.

This is the first of three broadcast reports I am posting today with comments about each one. Details of Steve's Presentation will follow tomorrow with a PDF full of links to Apple's many pages of descriptions.


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