Sunday, August 21, 2005

CBS Features Rocketboom Leading Vlogger Revolution • Andrew Baron Admits $25-A-Day Expense • Amanda Congdon Shines • Jim Axelrod Giddy With Exclusive

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Friday August 19, 2005 may be remembered as the moment in media history when the new media man bit the old media's dog. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Watching CBS veteran Jim Axelrod on the CBS Evening News Eye On America segment enter the VLogoSphere as a kind of alien news man who is so blown away by what the Rocketboom team is doing that he can barely contain himself from his sense of amazement. Hats off to the CBS News team for doing such a great shoot and editing job on this story. Producer Sally Garner really went the extra mile to include viewer turned Los Angeles Correspondent Zadi Diaz 3,000 miles away. "It's really the global show-and-tell," she notes. Very cool. And so true.

I love CBS and I admire Les Moonves. He has already declared the CBS News division is being mobilized to become primarily an internet news source rather than a TV one. That takes a similar kind of vision that Axelrod tells producer Andrew Baron he has. Andrew is incredibly modest and calm. What a rock. Amanda Congdon is the height of low key. She's really a dream anchor - so incredibly mature, modern and sophisticated yet youthful and fancy free.

I made a Quicktime Movie version from the CBS Real Player with Snapz Pro X v2.0.2 for compatability purposes only. CBS reserves all rights to this video and we will remove it from this post upon their request at any time. If you have QuickTime Pro I suggest you save this while you can for historical archival purposes and not to resell. Source CBS NEWS VIDEO page is here for Real Player and Windows Media Player versions.


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