Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Best of World's Diarists - Cream of the Crop Links

Here's the complete list with links of those chosen as "World's Best Video Diarists, Cream of the Crop" by Tomas Rawlings of London's The Independent online edition on Monday 8.29.05. See our reaction in previous post.

Rocketboom - a lighthearted look at our alternate reality. Most popular vlog in the world
FutureMedia - new media news, reviews, interviews, analysis, expos, press events, parties - hey that's us
The 05 Project - one vid a day all year long
Vlog~Flux - this man is very prolific and a brilliant videographer with an interest in left wing politics
Fast Moving Animals - tom of london - genius design, simplicity, elegance
Mobuzz TV Magazine - wow! very sunny disposition going on here
BENched - ben avilez of vista california gives us an inside look at today's high school hero
29fragiledays - Duncan of Bridgwater, Somerset UK is a brilliant designer and video artist
Kong is King - my favorite movie vlog. you get the illusion peter jackson is a personal friend of yours
Vlog Map - where are we? where are you? Using google map, this site helps you find other vloggers
Nowheresville, USA - it's not easy being green. a really interesting interface on the cover
Drinking with Bob - is very angry. he has a problem with pamela anderson's lifestyle and more

Thank you, Tomas Rawlings, for choosing us as among the best. Congratulations to everyone who made this cut. You are all making history everyday. And congratulations to all the rest of you vloggers out there - you too are making history with every post you persevere to make. You too are the Champions of the World of Vlogs.


At 1:01 PM, Blogger duncan said...

thanks for the link taylor, but remember not everyone in the uk lives in london, i certainly don't.. never have, never will!

be well



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