Tuesday, August 30, 2005

We Are The Champions

I would like to thank Tomas Rawlings of London's THE INDEPENDENT ONLINE EDITION for blessing us with his opinion that we are already among "The world's best video diarists, cream of the crop" . As he has chosen to also try to explain us in a very small amount of their limited space, I would like to elaborate on what we are and are not.

1. This is not a diary site. This is not a Blog. It's a NEWS site. We are merely using Blogger™ technology to facilitate the publication of NEWS in multimedia forms of audio, video and pdf. The fact that this is on what is labeled a "blog" has nothing to do with how and what we publish. We reject wholeheartedly the notion that using this form marginalizes our ability to deliver news in a way that heretofore was impossible by fully qualified journalists who have been shut out of the process for decades due to the oligopolistic domination of mass media. That time is over and out. Since Tuesday June 28, 2005, when Steve Jobs and Apple Computer released iTunes 4.9 RSS Media Client, new media communication possibilities that have been in early development since last summer have suddenly taken root while the oligopolies continue their ever accelerating decline into oblivion. As Alvin Toffler approaches his 77th birthday October 3, 2005, he lives to see his prediciton of total media fragmentation become even more obviously accurate. What a thrill this must be for him to see. While satellites gave us a few hundred video and audio choices from the ruling oligopoly, these new technologies now give us thousands on the way to tens of thousands and ultimately millions of individual voices available for all. We are at the dawn of a new age and it feels fantastic.

2. This is not an Apple Macintosh oriented site. Although we personally prefer to use Apple Macintosh G5 PowerMacs and PowerBooks on the road, this is a New Media oriented site and we take a platform agnostic approach to reporting.

3. QuickTime is a cross platform multimedia technology that is just as effective on PCs as it is on Macs.

4. iTunes is a cross platform multimedia receiver and player technology that is just as effective on PCs as it is on Macs.

5. We are about delivering information about new media solutions not about Macs or PCs.

6. We use Macs to produce FutureMedia. We love Macs. But we recognize that 95% of the world uses PCs and we respect and report for ALL users. Some of our reporters exclusively use PCs. Some use BOTH for different situations and applications.

7. Some of our reports will be Apple centric as that is typically where real new media innovation happens first followed by knock offs on the PC side.

8. But we will also have any number of Windows XP and Vista centric reports as well.

9. Note that our longest report to date is the IBM Linux Keynote from LinuxWorld SF a few weeks ago. I thought any objective observer would get from that post how we are highly objective when it comes to reporting about what is going on for everyone - not just for Mac lovers.

10. Our permanent address is FutureMedia.org. This allows us flexibility for future growth no matter how we choose to serve you in the years ahead. We are in this for the long haul and will probably outgrow this platform sooner or later. But no matter what, our address will still be FutureMedia.org.

New Media - That's our beat and the beat goes on. No matter what platform you use, we are on your team for new media video reports. Please tell us with comments what you want us to cover for YOU not for us. We are here to serve you a generous dish of information in a way you have not seen nor heard before - the way industry insiders see it, not the way PR agencies spin mass media to tell it in small bites. We will strive to give you all of the information in depth and unedited as much as we can be granted permission to do so.

One more thing. We are on both sides of businesses who are working very hard to serve you with new media solutions and you who need straight answers to questions you have about new media in your lives. We are not out to paint bad pictures or dig up scandals. This is information about information and not about politics. We are not going to dwell on political issues in this industry. Explain sure. Dwell no. That's for some other sites - not for FutureMedia.


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