Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Murphy's Law

At LinuxWorld San Francisco. Recorded the MOZILLA Keynote by Mike Shaver. Capturing to PowerBook - oops not enough space left. Quick hook up the auxillary 40 GB FW drive from iomega. Doesn't mount? Switch port connections. Copy 2-4 GB of Back up about when the Keynote begins. DV Tape rolling. Finally get capture working first then copy each DV files from yesterday one at a time but that causes the capture to fail twice thanks to the power (lessness) of ONE 1.25 GHz G4. Yes the processor setting is on "Highest". Capture another 16 minutes b4 another glitch. Battery failing after only 35 minutes!! It was Fully Charged. Change batteries after what I thought was another 20-25 minute capture. Afterwards that segment is nowhere to be found. So it's going to be back to tape dub tonight. Sorry folks.


At 9:12 PM, Blogger Janet Akpobome said...

Good learning experience! Will be waiting for next time.


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